Samples of choreography, dance films and improvisation

I dance because my ancestors could not. Dance is a way of having agency over my body in ways that were denied to previous generations of my family. I dance to listen to the body’s wisdom and to embody stories and realities that movement helps us remember and understand.

As a mover who came to dance "late" at age 21, my training includes the Tufts University Dance Program; community classes in the Boston area; and intensives including the American Dance Festival, the Lion's Jaw Festival and Pilobolus Dance Theatre's Summer Workshop, all as a scholarship recipient.



Hello? Your Ancestors Are Calling

An all-people of colour dance project. Created as my senior capstone at Tufts University (April 2018).


Dance Films

Conceptualised and performed by Dani Criss, filmed and edited by Amanda Ng Yann Chwen. Created at the American Dance Festival 2018.

Performed by Maddy Mikami, filmed by Amanda Ng Yann Chwen. Text by Shawna Yang Ryan from the Asian American Tarot Cards.


Performed by Sam Pryor, filmed by Amanda Ng Yann Chwen. Text by Eliza Noh, read by Ashley Shen.

Performed by Amanda Ng Yann Chwen, filmed and edited by Julie Doten.



Improv at the American Dance Festival, NC

Contemporary phrase by Jaclyn Waguespack